21 de mar. de 2020

Present perfect or past simple?

Present perfect or past simple? 

Hello my fine fellows!! Today I will go to talk about another thing that not is IT. rsrsrs. We professional of IT needed study English because has various factor that is good for us, in this case, now we will go to talk about when use the present perfect or past simple. OK? Let's go there. 

  1. We use the present perfect when we talk about things that have happened in the past, but we don't say when.
  2. We often use the present perfect with ever( = at any time in your life) and never(= at no time in your life).
  3. We also use the present perfect to talk about something that has recently happened. 

Some examples: 

A - Have you been to Luigis? 
A - Yes, I have

B - Who did you go with? 
B - I went with some people from work

  • We often use the present perfect to ask about or tell somebody about a past action for frist time. We don't ask/say when the action happened: Have you been to Luigis? I've been to New York twice.
  • When use the past simple to ask/talk about the specific past details: When did you go there?
  • When use the pas simple NOT the present perfect with when an past time expressions, e.g yesterday, last week: When did you see it? NOT when have you seen it? -  . I saw  it last week. NOT I've seen it last week.

See you in the next time!

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