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Troubleshoot and make a sad server happy!


Capture The Flag challenges. Train and prove your debugging skills.
Practice for your next SRE/DevOps interview.
Get a full remote Linux server with a problem and fix it.

     SadServers is a SaaS where users can test their Linux troubleshooting skills on real Linux servers in a "Capture the Flag" fashion.

    There's a collection of scenarios, a description of what's wrong and a test to check if the issue has been solved. The servers are spun up on the spot, users get an "SSH" shell via a browser window to an ephemeral server (destroyed after the allotted time for solving the challenge) and then they can try and solve the problem.

    Problems include common software that run on Linux, like databases or web servers although knowledge of the details for the specific application is not necessarily required. It also includes scenarios where you do need to be familiar with the technology with the issue, for example, a Docker scenario. The scenarios are for the most part real-world ones, as in they are similar to issues that we have encountered.

    SadServers is aimed primarily at users that are professional Software Developers (possibly), System Administrators, DevOps engineers, SREs, and related positions that require server debugging and troubleshooting skills.

    Particularly SadServers wants to test these professionals (or people aspiring to these jobs) in a way that would be useful for the purpose of troubleshooting part of a job interview.

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