LDAP and JBoss EAP - securing the management console

[root@master openldap]# cat console.ldif 
dn: uid=isweluiz,ou=people,dc=redhat,dc=com
changetype: add
objectclass: top
objectclass: inetorgperson
uid: isweluiz
cn: Luiz 
sn: Eduardo
userPassword: isweluiz

Editing the file host.xml or host-master.xml case you're running JBoss as a domain mode.


               . . .
               <security-realm name="LDAPRealm">
                    <ldap connection="ldapconnection" base-dn="ou=People,dc=keycloak,dc=org">
                       <username-filter attribute="uid"/>
       <ldap name="ldapconnection" url="ldap://localhost:10389" search-dn="uid=admin,ou=system" search-credential="secret"/>

Last change, is setting the LDAPRealm on the management-interfaces:
            <http-interface security-realm="LDAPRealm" http-upgrade-enabled="true">
                <socket-binding http="management-http"/>
 Now start JBoss check the you are able to log in the management console (http://localhost:9990 by default) with any of the two users you have created.

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